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At Hurstwood Engineering, we have a proven track record for providing high quality building services, and managing successful projects. We create accurate designs for mechanical and electrical services, and also offer efficient monitoring and evaluation services.

We are a leading provider of construction projects in Liverpool, but we also undertake projects all across the UK and abroad.

When Liverpool ONE was constructed, it transformed the city of Liverpool, and at Hurstwood Engineering our goal is also to construct buildings that transform cities.  From the outset, we partner with our clients and with the Design and Construction teams to ensure that the project aims and objectives are clear, and the processes are efficient.

We provide consultancy services in relation to feasibility studies, pre-acquisition, due-diligence, and project recommendations. We also offer a range of construction services relating to heating, ventilation, lighting and power, and air conditioning, amongst others. We provide a range of sustainability services, and work in a variety of sectors including the residential, retail, pharmaceutical, and education sectors.

The Team
We have a team of experts in engineering, construction, and project management that leverage their extensive experience and knowledge to provide top quality building solutions. Our team will select the most suitable mechanical and electrical solutions to meet your needs.

At Hurstwood Engineering we strive to provide unique value to our clients by getting the critical factors of the project right. This is often achieved with the help of innovations that also result in cost savings for our clients, so in 2013 we introduced the Building Information Modelling (BIM) software.

BIM is a revolutionary building technology that offers an innovative approach to the planning and design of building projects. This analytical tool has enhanced our ability to identify potential problems early, and deliver projects on time.

Call us on 0151 728 3360 to discuss your project requirements.


Hurstwood Environmental Consulting
23 Goodlass Road, Speke, Liverpool L24 9HJ
Phone: 0151 728 3360



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